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CCW permit holder / LEO question

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Just curious here.
A DPS officier pulls over a vehicle registered to a CCW permit holder. Is the vehicle shown as possibly armed when you run the plate before you even confront the vehicle? I'm assuming yes as the permit goes through the DPS. I haven't been pulled over in 15 years, I'm just concerned if someone besides my self is driving any vehicle I own and what to expect for them.
How about a metro phx LEO, does the same info come up.
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I would aslo be interested in the answer to this as well. Although, isn't it common practice for a LEO to inquire on firearm being in the automobile? I've been pulled over a few times for expired tags and each time this question has been asked.
Dude when I got pulled over in Scottsdale awhile back the police officer asked if I was carrying a gun....I said yes, and he told me put it on the dashboard and get out of the car????

I think it links up....he didn't say though

Franklen J, was this before he/she checked your DL license or after the iniital stop before he/she asked this question?
Franklen J, was this before he/she checked your DL license or after the iniital stop before he/she asked this question?
NO it was after he ran it, he also called for backup

Not sure but I tell them right away I have loaded weapons in the truck. Nummie and I got stopped and I told the guy same and popped the glove box open with several pistolas locked and loaded. He said thanks and no big deal. Seems kind of dumb to let someone grab the gun to put it on the dash instead of telling them to get out of the vehicle so they could check it out.
Seems kind of dumb to let someone grab the gun to put it on the dash instead of telling them to get out of the vehicle so they could check it out.
I agree especially with trigger happy cops
When you run the plate, no the CCW info does not come up. Only the registered owners info but alot of LEO's run the reg. owner as well before or during the stop and that info will come up on ANY officers MDC in Arizona because the system is typically state wide. Not sure about out of state. I have been pulled over twice in Arizona and asked once if I was carrying my weapon before any other questions. Most officers arent going to hassle you about and I dont think anyone has EVER been shot for simply having a concealed firearm. Now if you do something threatening or whatever thats a different question. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and even if the officer doesnt ask you, tell him you wish to declare the firearm and its location before you reach for anything. 99% of officers will be very happy about that decision and respect the notification. This day in age alot of officers will still take a different approach to the stop though to better protect themselves because at the end of the day, everyone wants to go home to their family.
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I asked that question once, and a officer told me that it wont show up on thier first page of the computer, but if they go to the second page it shows up then, He also said when your stopped, to always let the officer know your carring,
IHe also said when your stopped, to always let the officer know your carring,
I would agree but it's not required in Arizona to let an officer know you're carrying/have a gun in the vehicle.
who cares if it's not required? what is the advantage of not telling a cop you have a loaded weapon? ROR!
I was pulled over once told the cop I had a gun in the glove box when he asked if I had any weapons. so he drew his gun asked me to step out of the vehicle so I did. Then he handcuffed me made me walk to the back of the cop car in cuffs to stand with the other officer. He pulled the gun ran the numbers wrote me the ticket uncuffed me told me to get in the truck and wait so I did. So I was cool with the fact he cuffed me since I dont have ccw, but when he told me the mag and bullets were laying in the dirt 100 yards from the truck and the gun was another 50 from the bullets and mag I was pissed. Then he told me I couldnt go get them till he was out of sight. So then I asked him who was going to clean my dirty gun and let me borrow a flashlight to find my gun since it was the middle of the night. needless to say that convo didnt go so well and I had fun finding the gun in the dark. Now I know he was trying to keep himself safe but was that necessary he coulda kept the bullets if he was afraid but to put my shit in the dirt pissed me off and what if someone driving along saw the gun and picked up before I could get to it
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ya thats cops for you they cant wait to pull out thier gun shoot the dam thing
First off when someone runs your plate the only thing it will come back with is the registration return. This provides the vehicle information, expiration for the registration and who the registered owner is. With this return they can quickly run an inquiry on your DL which once again is just a DL check. To run a CCW check it is a seperate inquiry through NCIC/ACJIS. If they are doing this prior to a stop, then they are much more skilled then me. Each department also has a local database which includes involvements with that department. Some departments are tied in together and some are not. (for example, in the Tucson area PCSO is tied in with at least two other agencies and can see each others information).
A reg and DL check is standard if the stop doesn't need to be initiated immediately. That's just my personal preference so I know a little more information of who I may be dealing with and make it that much safer.
As far as declaring a weapon, it is the safest thing to do for everyone involved. If you don't say anything about it and the cop sees it you may be pulled out at gun point. Each cop deals with this there own way. Putting your gun in the dirt is not something I would personally do, but I do always unload the gun and seperate the weapon from the rounds. I then usually place them in seperate places both out of reach of all passengers and explain why I do that. I also tell them to feel free to pull over somewhere safely and retreive it once I am no longer there. As far as telling someone to put there hand on the weapon and put it somewhere, I would never suggest. There have been far to many studies involving firearms involving action reaction and that's a good way to get shot.
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Ive been pulled over a few times with my gun in the car I usually 1st declare that I have a firearm with both hands on the steering wheel. Most of the time the ask me to put it on the dash directly in front of me they take the gun off the dash run numbers ect. Several times I have been complimented on my Kimber put it on the top of the car and tell me I can get out and get it when they are 100yd away from me driving off. I have never been writen a ticket after cooperating and declaring my gun. Either im lucky or the decleration of the gun puts the officers mind on something besides the speeding ticket.
Gonzo's a Smart Fellow...heed his experience...

And for anyone who's passed a 'good' CCW course (or is more than mildly inquisitive) should know that when you're pulled over, and you are carrying, that you keep both hands on the wheel, you let the officer cop know right away that you have a firearm, its exact location and ask them nicely what they would like you to do.

You'd be a Dickweed or need to STFU otherwise! Or pretend to live way out in AJ and pretend you're otherwise crazy, eh?
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