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Charouleau Gap?

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ok, i have a 1995 cheep cherokee xj 4wd. three in rancho lift 31 in tires with trimmed wells. k and n air system, rancho stabalizer. any body done Charouleau lately, and do you think my jeep is up to the test? any advice/concerns welcomed.
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Sorry I can't help you, but I just googled 'Charouleau Gap' and that looks wicked!

I did some sandstone steps in Cali with my truck, but nothing even close to that terrain.
i had a 1991 suburban, 2 inch lift, 285/75 r 16. did fine. its by all means not am easy trail. shit, i did it just to the top in a stock 4x4 s-10. u just gotta know where to place ur tires.
Getting to the top is not the hard part. Once you go over the top and drop down into the bottom it gets really REALLY rough. I used to desert race a KX500 and we used to use this run as a training run. It is still my favorite ride to go from Catalina to San Manuel through Charouleau's Gap. If you like it rough you will really like this ride.
...u just gotta know where to place ur tires.
Very true. As long as you take it slow and get your tires in the right spot, you should have no problem. A lot of times it can help if you have a friend come with you and be a spotter on the more difficult parts. ;)
thanks for the posts. i will deffinatly have a spotter, i have done quite a bit of 4wd with the faithful jeep and its done great. just curious if anyone has tackled the gap lately and how they did.
Have rode it both directions a few times on the big bike and it's pretty easy on 2 wheels. Didn't see anything impossible even for my stock Dadge2500 so you should be good to go. It's about as hard as you want to make it and the nasty pics are of guys trying to run the most difficult line they can find.
thats what i thought, most people make 4wd roads harder than they need to be and just end up destroying their vehicle. the only reason i hesitate is becuse i got a whitetail deer up in that area a few years back and my F150 made it about half way and i ended up having to cut the exhaust system out in the field. maybe it was just because it was a ford. well, i guess ill be heading up there shortly and testing my new tires. thanks
Peace of cake if you watch your tire placement. I haven't needed 4 wheel drive the last two times I went through. But, I am locked at both ends with 35".
Have fun.
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