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Chech and Balance

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Don't know just asking? Thinking of Ples. And wondering about the mussel issue? Let's say there was a Wed. Night tourney and angler 3,9 and 21 participated. Then a Rosey tourney happens on Saturday. Are the tourney folks communicating and being "pro-active" in checking anglers 3, 9 and 21? Stopping the spread of this mussel? Could be some good "PR" if tourney folks were pro-active?
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aint gonna happen, there r too many people fishin alot of diff tournys out there and a director has enough to worry bout gettin it all set up with sign ups and weigh ins and payouts and all, its totally up to us to protect our waters. and just how many people wash out and sanitize thier boat before goin to a diff lake right after bein on pleas??? Its just a matter of time before rosy, alamo,san carlos, patty, all have the shells.
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