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Collared Doves

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Check em out boys :hump:
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sweet man, I got seven today. The ones on the right.


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well done, they're awesome birds
not quite. but check out the breast on those things
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wait till you try to break those wings some heavy duty scissors. What beretta are you using? I have a silver pigeon 28/20
I have the Extrema 2. I won it, 1400$ gun = free :biggrin:
actually, they way we started doing it is filleting the breast meat off the bone. No wing clipping etc. Try it out.
my #1 way is to wrap bacon around it, garlic salt em, and throw em on the grill. Med. rare. you over cook it you got nasty jerky.
#2- spoon off meat, take a slice of green chili, some cheese, sandwich it between the two pieces of meat, wrap with bacon, spear with toothpick. throw on grill. Sucks to spoon off alot of birds, but tastes great when dipped in cocktail sauce. Cocktail sauce- spicy mustard, ketchup,whorestichire(however you spell it)
I had no idea the season on Collared's was year round. Hmmm

"Collared doves

Both of these birds have been taken incidentally by hunters during dove season. As Eurasian numbers increased and became more common the first official season for them was established in 2006 that ran concurrent with the regular dove season. This was expanded in 2007 to be a year round season with an unlimited bag as neither bird is covered under the jurisdiction of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The discovery of the persistent populations of African Collared Doves was fairly recent, so they too will likely be added to the regulations with the same season as Eurasians in 2009."
way to go man i got a couple collard today man there big a$$ dove my dad shot one and almost caught it with his hand right out of the air i think second hunt is going to be killer.
we fry bacon, and then fry then sautee up the breasts with garlic, and some spices in the bacon grease. they turn out mean.
does anybody sautee up the hearts.
I'm gettin hungry!!

Was the last morning we are going out for early dove. Started at first light, stopped at 11AM. 48 Eurasions, 23 whitewings, 17 mournings, and 1 mohave rattler. The lil guy couldnt seem to get his last whitewing, so he ended up taking a mourning to fill his bag, but while we waited for him to do so, we shot eurasions. Was a great finish to the season. West of Picacho peak.


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Good job johhnie blaze
hey johnnie blaze what are you going to do with the snake.
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