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Colorado river 9/2/09

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I took my (lucky charm) son fishing today. We launched out of Fishers Landing at 0540. I had just baught this hollow bodied popper yesterday. It has, (had) a tail made out of rabbit fur and the first hit I got on it, the bass bit the tail right off. Kind of made me mad since it was $11. Oh well I got a few ideas on fixing it.
Anyway back to the fishing. I fished the current with frogs and chatter baits for a while, only catching a few little ones. Then went down to Little Senators where I caught a few more little ones on Zara spooks and Senkos. Then the boy was starting to get a little board, and wanted to go for a boat ride. We went back up river after he had me do a few donuts in the middle of the river. We went up to a sand bar, had a snack and played in the water for a while. At about 10:00 we hit the current flipping. I flipped 2 little ones in the boat and lost one. Then the boy wanted to go for a ride again, but I told him, in a few minuts, and I'm glad I did.
I ended up hooking into a bass deep in the cane, but could'nt get her out. I had to put the trolling motor on high to get back into the spot, and lay down and pull my self with the cane to reach her. I could'nt tell how big she was, due to her mouth being closed, and pressed up against the cane, but when I got my hand in her mouth, and got a better look at her body I knew it was a toad. She weighed 7.3 pounds. I took a few pics and let her go. Then we went and had lonch on another sand bar then headed in at about 11:30 The boy was crashed out before I had the boat wiped off.
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Where is the pics of the dead birds ?
sweet job..great times with the boy..enjoy them..
Great post,thanks for the report!! Nice fish also.
Where is the pics of the dead birds ?
I heard he had a double, Spotted owl and a bald Eagle! good shooting! THIS IS A JOKE!
Sorry no birds. I did'nt go dove hunting.
I'll take a 7 pounder over a dove any day.
Great looking fish. Looks like your sons head can fit in his mouth.

Oh my........

Nice fish! Damn I need to go fish the river that place looks awesome down there!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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