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Computer Controlled Baitcaster!

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Shimano has put a computer into a baitcaster. The Calcutta Conquest DC (Digital Control) has a computer circuit built inside the spool to control spool rotation instead of the traditional centrifugal or magnetic brakes. Said to "minimize backlash" a Shimano tester threw a 5/8 oz practice plug 99 yards on a 6 foot rod! Fisherman's Choice has one you can see and hold. $499.

Shimano info: Click Here

More info: Click Here
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Well damn..........Looks cool, but not for 499 dollars. I have no need to cast anything 99 yards. I think I can get a rio rico out about 70 and a 1/2 ounce rattletrap and little futher than that but not close to 99 yards........... :roll:

A Rico? 70 yards? No way! Bring your rod Sunday and give me a demo! :lol:
The big rico da, not the small one........I'll go to a football field today to confirm my assumption................From what I see on the water when I really lay into it it's gotta be close................I would say I can get it at least 200 feet......Franklin

Franklin I am betting you will be real suprised. I am guessing 50 yards Absolute max you might push 40

What rod and reel you useing for this?

Wow Delw your pretty close, my assumptions were a little off....
I used a Team Diawa TDX-103HSDF with a 7 foot IMX and 10 pound it goes

After messing with the cast controls for a while I could cast the big rico consistently between 40-45 yards...........

The 1/2 ounce rattletrap did a little better I got it out between 45 and 50 yards, a couple times just past 50............

You guys should have seen the look on peoples faces that were the running track around the football field :lol:

After all this I think shimano is full of it 99 yards? I would have to see it with my own eyes, that's damn near 300 feet...........Franklin

Jamal you're a stud. 50 yards is outstanding!
That was me above.

d a

Now try a rick clunn I bet you can get 10 more yards easy with both baits.

I used to like long cast, but when fishing tournys I want a short cast 20-30 yards absolute max. The few times I have hooked a fish at 40+ yards Ive lost most of them trying to get them to the boat. Anymore its short cast.


Rick Clunn? Who's that? :lol:

I never cast more than 30 yards either, sometimes I mess around and see how far I can throw a bait, but for most intensive purposes theres no reason to cast a bait that far................I still don't beleive Shimano with that 5/8 ounce 99 yard crap, that would be almost twice the distance of some other "high dollar" reels. :x

When salmon and steelhead fishing in washington, mainly on the rivers we could make some pretty long cast and they were neccasary also.

11'6" rod with a 5500c reel and 1oz of weight

Thats a long cast,guess you need to try one out Del. Have you ordered yours yet?
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