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Congradulations to the Kimes for their win at Waterdog Willy's TX last night. Also congrads to Del and Bob, and Steve M and Rob S. It was a beautiful night on the water and fishing wasn't to bad for us. Just needed a bigger bite. Bullet Head

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The winners had 7pounds plus, Del and Bob had 6 plus. Scott and I had 5.66pounds. I think It took 5.83 pounds to get a check.

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yeah the winner had 7+
splitshot and the Mrs. had 6.88 for 2nd
3rd was 6.32
4th had 6.28 Kurt and I

Paid 5 places
1st place was $750
1st place big fish was $285
4th place was $200

he said 22 boats but they had 32 boats cause we were boat number 28 when we signed up

Kurt and I wouldnt have taken 4th if it wasnt for a dink that we put in the boat.. And I mean a dink..
We had 3 bites and three fish


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