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Congrats on getting one of the best dogs on earth. I have had beagles in my home for as long as I can remember. All of them have been rabbit hunters except for Baxter. I am trying to teach him to fish but he has problems with setting the hook and reeling in fish. I don't think he is interested in fishing though. I think he is self training himself for Law Enforcement on Saguaro. He just sits there and watches the violators. He doesn't point, doesn't bark, doesn't chase them down, doesn't do anything. Heck I think he just likes the boat ride and watching the other boats. Sounds like he is a fully trained police beagle to me. Good luck. If you have any beagle questions, I can help.

Thanks Dave! Yeah, ol "Rowdy" is a heck of a pup! 10 weeks old and almost 10lbs! I think this guy is growing an inch every day!! He sure can be a little turd, though. He loves to chew and he's driving my Dachshund crazy! They are such a crack up. Rocko(Dachshund) likes his privacy and Rowdy won't give him a minutes rest! When Rocko won't play, Rowdy just puts his front paws on top of him and does a little two step thing with Rocko trying to get away! He's such a riot.

Wendy wanted a beagle because of Baxter! She fell in love with him from looking at all of the pics of him at the front of the boat and his gentle manuerisms.

I think we have a heck of a dog! Thanks Dave!
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