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I know everyone has been trying Wired Worms for 2+ years on this and the other site but I wanted to take a second to give my 2 cents. The worms are a great but I am more Impressed with the Conquest Jigs. I have been seeing a lot of posts regarding Jig fishing due to the time of year so I know it's a hot topic. I throw more Jig/Pigs or Jig/Craws than Spider Jigs and am always looking for more than just the typical Strike King,s or Berkeley's. I met Joe from Conquistador at the Boat Show and had a chance to inspect these jigs in the Bass...err...Trout tank and the skirt just comes alive while laying on the bottom. I like to fish a Jig slow so how it presents itself sitting still is more important to me than how it looks hopping up and down. I bought some at SW and took them to Saguaro on Friday and they worked nicely for me. 2 over 4(4.1 and 4.3) and 3 in the 2-2.5 range. not gangbusters but better than I have been doing lately. They made me a believer. By the way Joe is a fantastic gentleman, and you should stop and say hello if you see him at the boat show this weekend. Rich
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