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Corn Seed

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My Grampa used to grow a hybrid sweet corn. I think it was called Elyni Super Sweet or something like that. He sent me a big bag of seeds a couple times when I was a kid and it did really well here in the desert. (His farm was in Ohio) I think he bought it in bulk at a seed vendor. I planted from those bags several times. I can't seem to find it, or I am not getting the name right. I know the corn was a lot sweeter than what you normally get in the supermarkets around here. I never had any problem selling every bit we didn't eat. I was wondering if any of you knew the proper name for that corn seed and where I could order some?
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I think the one you're looking for may be in the lower right corner of the link.
Bob, my folks live on a farm in Kansas and although it may not be exactly what your looking for. There are sweet corn stands in many places in the state run by Gaeddert Farms. This is the sweetest corn I've ever tasted, I have lots of family there and Farmers on both sides going back 5 generations and this is the only corn they will eat. I don't know if they regularly sell seed but there is a # and email on this website [email protected] or maybe that is the contact us email if you google Gaeddert Farms it comes right up. I bet if you called and were full of compliments and said you were interested you might be able to get some seed. I will actually be there in a few weeks so if they sell it I could pick some up if they sell it. PM if interested

Catch'n aka Dan Goering
I think the one you're looking for may be in the lower right corner of the link.
I do believe that is the stuff. Thank you.
I just ordered a bag of the Illini from Burpee. I'll let you guys know next summer if its the right one. LOL.
I've got plants 4-6 inches tall now.
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