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Well boys and girls, as of closing today, we have 90 entries signed up for the Bill Luke/Tempe Marine Open.

Better hurry up for those last 10 spots if ya'll want to save $50.00 on your entry.

Heard from the tournament director that we have even had some entries mailed in paying the full $250.00. So looks like we will probably pass the 100 mark
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we'll I didnt make it today will try in the AM.

Steve thanks alot for that info you gave me tell john thanks as well...


Promises, promises DELW. You keep telling me your coming on
down to sign up, but you seem to be a ghost.

As of close of business today, we are at 95. Only 5 spots left!!

Nothing like waiting till the last min. :wink:

I tired to get down there today but I am rebuilding a machine, and its been kicking my ass. worked on it till 12 midnight last night and just got home today.

I am trying to get a hold of kurt to see if he can get down there in the am. Maybe one of his drivers.


As of close of business today, #97 signed up. It was our own
DELW. He finally made it down here.

Only 3 spots left!!!!
baka gajin. did you have any doubts :wink:

Nice chatting with ya.

Thanks again

Delw was on the eastside?! I better go check my boat and make sure the motor is still on it! :p
Sorry the above was me, forgot to log in.
Now Jack why would I go take your motor when I was at tempe marine? they have them still in crates :wink:

My little penguins work fast and quietly.

I am still having withdrawls over that skeeter they have in the showroom.(yellow and black one) thats the third time I saw it. Thats one of the nicest skeeters I have ever seen. It has Speed written all over it.

It also has the fuul airborn bow up 2 and a half gainer written on it
I forgot about where you were at :oops: .As for the full blown bow up two and a half gainer I thought that was Del's break in routine?Or was that Rookieboy sailing off my back deck?? :p
Now cut that out! :twisted: :evil:
Sorry guys and gals, but as of today, the first 100 spots have been filled.
No need to worry though, ya'll can still enter for the $250.00. For every 5 extra entries after the 100 mark, another $1000.00 prize will be added.
As of today we have 104 entries, one more entry and 16th place becomes a $1000.00 prize.
So come on down and enter today!!!!
OK Boss.

How many boats so far 150? Hadnt seen a tourny in a long time with over 100 boats.


As of today, we have 107 teams signed up here. Have had a few teams call that are going to sign up at the lake or mail their entry in. Looks like the OPEN is going to have a pretty hefty turn out.
Just a reminder to everyone that entered, make sure you check in, 5-8 P.M. Friday or starting at 4:30 A.M. Saturday to get your flight number.
Ya'll better get up there early on Friday to get your grub from On the Boarder, with this many teams of hungry fishermen and women, the food will probably go fast :D
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