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Couples Tournament Lake Amistad

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Texas 1st Annual Open State Couples Championship, will be held at Lake Amistad on November 7th and 8th. I have a application if you need it. It's only a $100 and that includes big fish. They are hoping for 150-200 boats. Only a 12-13 hour drive and a awesome experience. Anglers Lodge has 10 rooms left.
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That would be awesome.. Dont think the wifey and i can make it this year due to the baby just being born but will definately make plans for next year! Where did you find this info at?
So are you going to fish Your hot spots or the wife's
Ok all, just bumping this. Only a few weeeks away.It's only a 12-13 hour drive.Great time of the year to be fishing this lake. Hope to see you some of you there.
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