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Cow Bells?

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I'm heading up to woods canyon this sunday and wanted to try these cow bells for once. I have always fished from shore but wanted to try something different. Does anyone know what type of lure works really well and what size that lure is? Thanks for any help.
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The only cow bells I know that are used for fishing are the ones used to fish stationary baits, like stink bait for catfish....... 8)


i use a super duper that has a good flash about 12 inchs be hind the cow bells allso try a dare divel in red an white

you mite try a night crawler to get you a worm threader it works great
Franklin J, you are thinking of the wrong kind of cowbell!
Cowbells are a bunch of big spinner blades to attract the trout, then you put your bait or lure behind it.

I always catch more trout than people using cowbells and powerbait using my flyrod. Try woolyworms, woolybuggers, and pecock laydies.
Thanks for the info and if I had the coordination to use a fly rod I would. But the first time I did I was wipping it so my fly came apart in 5 casts. :? Do you happen to know what size and color of super duper you use. Also if I need to add a liter to the end of the cowbells? Thanks for any help.
Hey FW,

Did you see my post about the bait to use? I'm tellin ya. You gotta use the balls o fire RED label salmon eggs. Its a guaranteed limit every time at Woods Canyon Lake! (for me anyway) Enjoy the weather, but be warned. It's CCCCold in the morning! Good luck!


By the way, the SuperWalmart on Cooper/Baseline was the only place I found the Red label Balls of fire Salmon eggs!
Thanks JohnSWA. I went and got some. Thanks for the info and I will post how it went tomorrow when I get back. :D
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