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Captain McSh*tty
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Holy carp! Someone mentioned TD LT rods! I love them....never tried the crankin rod though. The price sounds good too.

I have a 7' lite action Falcon Lowrider, and it is by far the best crank rod I have ever had. Its not made for cranks but it seems like it. As for the BPS rods, I had one of their older ones, and loved it..(Before they were a graphite and fiberglass mix) but it was heavy.

The lite action on my Falcon is mostly at the tip, and really helps launch the bait.

As for reels, right now on sale are the BPS David Fritts cranking reels, 50 bucks. I got one and its great. It has a low gear ratio, so even if you had 4 cups of pre-tournament strength coffee, you still dont crank too fast.

Happy crankin.....
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