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Custom 24p Prop

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Custom Predator prop Make Offer

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is that a trophy? i have one that looks exactly like that!
So with the missing blade, would it be considered a 20p ?:)
I think it would just be considered JUNK
how did you break off the one blade and not damage the others?
Take it to a prop shop. they can fix that.
Its a Predator prop.At one time is was rated as one top10 fastest props on the market . The blades are welded on they are very fast props because of the thin blades.they cant cast blades that thin.The problem is that Predator props are known to throw blades and that is what happened.It gave me 5 years ass kicken speed.I replaced it with a 24p Trophy prop but I went from 72 mph to 66 mph WOT at 5800 rpm.
Jerkbait. cut the blade on the other side, and throw it in your boat as a spare.
i wil give u $20
This is one of the problems with thin blades when you go in and out of waves, thru wakes etc it loads and unloads the blades and they will break like this, This was the problem with the old early style Trophys. Send the new prop to gibb's in Havasu. he can make it run................
So, would 25% less than what I thought a fair price was be a good offer?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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