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Customizing a Coleman Crawdad

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Just got a Coleman Crawdad this weekend and am looking for ideas to bring it up to speed. Trying to think about some innovative ways to make it more functional. Will be used mostly on my neighborhood lakes with my kids;). Any ideas for swivel seats, coolers, rod storage, tackle storage, electronics, yard storage, etc, would be most appreciated. Also may be looking for a used TM with more lbs. as the one that I got with it is only an 18lb thrust.


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Upgrading your TM is a good idea, I like having a little extra when I need that power. The swivel seats is good. If possible get some plywood 3/4" and use a marine grade varnish on the wood after cutting to size and attach it to the bottom of the seats, this will give the swivels a better base and a little more support. Storage of rods is a little tought there. You don;t want them sticking up, unless you have no other choice. Running them under the seats is a pain when needing to access a rod. Putting a rod holder running across the top of the seats is IMO your best option. But this also would mean running 2 rods in one direction and the other 2 in the opposite direction, this will keep the space then need as compact as possible. Cooler and tackle system, keep it simple. BPS sells a Bill Dance soft sided tackle bag that holds 6 of the 3700 Plano type boxes with pockets for smaller boxes. A great bag overall and this is what I use when fishing on someone else's boat. I'd carry a simple Igloo type playmate, something can can hold at least 4 quarts of fluid and a 8-10 pound bag of ice. Maybe one that can fit under a seat.
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Anyone ever try mounting a gator mount to the front by adding a plywood deck? Ideally I'd like to get a foot controlled motor. I am already planning on cutting some wood for the floors between the seats that reach side to side to keep from tripping on the bars. I think there might be enough room under the front or rear caps, between the styrofoam for a battery - but not sure yet. May need to look into getting new lids vacuum formed for it. Gotta love a project!

I fugured I could put soft tackle under the seats but would also like to try to locate a place for a built in cooler. The only space is under the seats and between the foam blocks on the front and rear decks. Hope to add night lights to keep from getting run over by house boats sipping marg's - especially if they're not sharing!
I've had a Crawdad for 20 years. I love that boat. You have to take it for what it is though. It's not made for all the bling. If you want that stuff get another boat. Coleman does make swivel seats for this model. You can't beat them for Rim lakes, ponds, and other non motor areas. A high thrust Trolling Motor would be a plus.
I have a Pelican,and installed removable slides for the swivel seats, added a 30# trolling motor, you have to condense down your tackle and take just a few favorites. You can cut one of the foam rod holders in half and mount to each side,also a small ice chest, a couple of drink holders and you're good to go. If you can afford the Mustang type life vests they are more comfortable to wear all of the time so they aren't under foot(You don't need a throwable.)but do need a fire extinguisher if you run a gas motor.
Thanks for the suggestions guys - I know its not a caddy, already had one of those, but would like to make it as user friendly as possible. If anyone has any pics of work they've done on theirs would love to see them.

Thanks again,

I never had a crawdad but did a little custom work on a couple of smaller boats. I added a front and rear lights for night time fishing and a little switch box to control it. In one of my smaller boats that I operated my trolling motor from the front, I made myself a metal battery holder that fit off of the back transom to give myself more room in the boat.
I wouldn't waste time and money trying to configure a platform for a foot controoled motor. Just get one of these and save the time and headache.
I wouldn't waste time and money trying to configure a platform for a foot controoled motor. Just get one of these and save the time and headache.

Stay away from this motor... Warning you!
Sorry - missed the last couple posts. Got distracted by NWB's avatar.

Whats wrong with the motorguide? Just curious.
Yup - got the carpeted floor in, stern light and picked up some pads from Wally Mart that I attached on the seats. I'll try and post pics. Came with a very old motor guide (18lb.) but actually works great. Now trying to determine where to locate the battery with minmal exposure and not cutting up the rear deck. Got a slightly newer Minn Kota (17lb) but needs a prop. Next couple things I'm going to try is mounting a plug in the rear deck for the TM and then short rotating pedistals and new seats.

Took out for maiden voyage and works great - for Dobson Ranch... not quite like my Champion for the ride - but kids won't care.



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