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well he sure isnt no John Elway!:Iconrotfl
Go Bronco's! 1-0:biggrin:

Glad he's gone!4 INTS:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl
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3 of the 4 INTs were because his WRs suck. They stoped routes, they made mistakes. The Bears need to trade for a #1 WR to be any kind of contender. I am not a Bears fan but the INTs were not Cutlers fault
Good ridence, frinkin cry baby... did i mention Broncos 1-0
Now I could have sworn Johny Jolly's pick was not the fault of a receiver, nor was the last.
He had a horrible game, 'cause he's on my fantasy team!
well he sure isnt no John Elway!:Iconrotfl
Go Bronco's! 1-0:biggrin:

Glad he's gone!4 INTS:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl
Jay Cutler is awesome.....he showed signs of what he can do....the Bears WR are the worst I've see in awhile....

Cutler did make some not so good throws, but when he had Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal they would make those catches.....

Kyle Orton got luckt today.....he still sucks...

The Bears need to get Brandon Marshall...lord knows Denver is dumb enough to unload him too.....

Now I could have sworn Johny Jolly's pick was not the fault of a receiver, nor was the last.
The last pick was the WR's fault...simple quick slant the corners lined outside you go inside, and vice versa well that receiver cut inside and stopped....Cutler threw a ball to a spot...(what NFL QB's do)...and Al Harris was standing right thier....

Actually Harris was hiding behind the receiver so Cutler couldn't get a good look at where he was. Smart play by and old pro, baiting the QB.
Have lived in Denver from 1974-1989,I would rather watch Craig Morton or Steve Deberg than watch that over rated Cutler.I agree Chris, he's a whiner! But I wish Denver would have traded him for someone better at QB than Orton.
Say all you want about Orton, but he's now 22-12 as a starter. He is no Brees, but Joe Tiller at Purdue had a knack for picking winners at QB. Brees is awesome, Orton is a starter, and rookie Matt Painter earned his way onto the Colts' roster. Not a bad 3 of the last 4 Purdue starters.
Andy, I agree with you.

Being a Bears fan my entire life, it has been a roller coaster of a ride. Its hard to believe that I am still around after all of the blood vessels I have popped in my head after shouting at the television. Yesterday's debacle is no expection.

The bottom line is this; Lovie has flipped flopped on his play calling. Say what you will about our WR core (which is bad but not terrible), but setting up the pass to establish the run is NOT Lovie football and it sure as shit isn't Bears football. If you look back on the first 4 or 5 series, most of the calls were passing plays, and atypically at critical downs (3rd and short, for example). Instead of using the absolute beast, top 5 RB in the league, we go with Cutler, who proceeds to throw perfect strike after perfect strike to DB's. Franklin, argue all you want, but GOOD QB's know the capabilities of their receivers and know their tendencies. You can throw the football to a "spot" all day long (shit I can still even do that with a reconstructed shoulder). What he didn't do was study his playbook well enough. Three out of four of hs INT's he was DIRECTLY responsible for. Now with our team leader out for the season (Urlacher - bone dislocation that had to be surgically put back in place this morning - ouch), our season isn't looking as good as SI said it was (they projected us going to the Super Bowl - that's a stretch even in my book, but not unrealistic on paper).

Cutler better right this ship and play better football or the people of Chicago will ask for his head...thats a fact.

I remain obliviously optimistic despite the last 24 hours.
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How about the Bear's long-snapper calling a fake punt! WTF? That was a complete FUBAR that made them look even worse. Add that to the fact that Green Bay played pretty well. The Bears won't beat the Lions playing like that. Erlacher out, Cutler throwing fits......Go Vikings.
Every report I read today is giving Cutler the "benefit of doubt" that only two of the picks were his fault. He just gets too excitable and needs to settle down. I constantly hear that a "good qb" can make average receivers better. It didn't look that way to me. Cutler had been compared to B. Favre as being a "gunslinger" and we all know who leads the NFL in interceptions. If Cutler can get over "himself" he will be ok, if not, it will be a long season for Bears fans.
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