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d-shot or splitshot

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During the MBC, a team that had collected money was dropshotting in 60' of water, but the fish were suspended in the 40' range. The question is; do you rig the dropshot as normal and doodle that worm in the suspended fish or try doodling just above them? Oh, another stupid question, should you go to lighter colored and longer worms at that depth? doodle is a word I use,means- jiggle the worm (on the line). Any help would be greatly apprecited! Thanks in advance!! Matt
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At 40' you would want to go with a darker color....thats about all I can contribute
FYI Jason, granted oxblood, Aaron's Magic, LPS, and watermelon all work at Pleasant its not necessary to use darker colors at depth. Lighter colors like Robo shad or morning dawn will work at Pleasant all the way down, as deep as you want.

DoodleBoy, that was the winning team that caught fish suspended at 40' in 60' of water. And since you asked d-shot or splitshot the rigging question, I ain't tellin'! :twisted:
I just never fish lighter colors deep, but thats me. Whats LPS? :lol:
Sorry d a ! I was going to splitshot only because he&Mrs.'s has won more money than both of put together! doh!! It probably doesn't help that I've collected $0 thus far! double doodle doh!!

Splitshot and d-shot are the masters of dropshot. I've seen Armando stick fish were other men have passed through that same area and got blanked!!

I still love ya d a ! I'll post to the general fishing community next time. :)

d a, how come your not on the water today? It's a beautiful day today. I should be out there, but Austin is down with the flu. :x
JasonR: Good! Keep on telling people to fish your way and there will be more and bigger fish in Pleasant for the rest of us to catch! :D Lake Pleasant Special

DoodleBoy: I'm not on the water today because its my turn to stay home and harass you! I gave Del the day off, Ken's busy, Jack went fishing, NC is out shopping for a trailer to move into your neighborhood, Bayou's still wacked out over LSU, Spidey's still depressed over Baxter, Skunked is has an appointment with his analyst, and GBL's is recuperating,
da I am home now if you want to go fishing, I will stay here and harrass Matt for you. :)
Matt how would you work that DuPont spinner at 40 feet??
trolling motor on and a long fuse!! I was using Herculeze Poppers by ACME. Wiley Coyote turned me onto them!!
So that was you in the back of the river this weekend :lol:
hey matt sorry it took so long for me to respond flu has got me layed out for the past 2 days. i'll send you a p.m. ltr. armando
Damn DA, that hurt. :cry: Where's the love? Got any cheetos?
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