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Da Lake Pleasant

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Denny,what is your great fascination with Lake PLeasant lately? Is the fishing that good or is it that bad that you're looking for answers? Rumor has it that there is a big tournament there next weekend. All these maps, all these questions. You got me wondering. By the way what did you buy at the Sportmans? Anything we should all know about. Courious minds want to know.
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Ah yes, Lake Pleasant! We must always prepare thoroughly for our head-to-head competitions. In the last two weeks, George and I have probed the water's depths from top to bottom, from North to South, and East to West. And yet again, this week we will continue our quest for those green bastards. All I can say is we learned where they ain't.

No secret weapons at Sportsmans either. Just bought the basic meat and potato type stuff. Hooks, weights, swivels, Storm and Zoom baits, Helicopter and Flying lures, and some Walkin' Worms.

You going out there Mr. Phil the Thrill? :D Before Saturday?
The entry form for the championship still has the old options Mitch so I'd say the new ones begin with the first TX of the new season. See you Saturday!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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