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Dan or Miguel?

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Hey you guys out there? Anyone been fishing?
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What Up Dude?

What's happening Jason?.....I have not been out at all, And I think Miguel has been out twice since you left...and he didn't do worth a crap either time. I'm ready to get out this week sometime....I finally got my Truck back from the Dealership, who was doing the $13,000 in damage that the Low Life Theives did to it.....The Truck came out great except that the Morons put a 2 wheel drive dash in it......without the electronic 4 wheel drive switch even installed......Must not of cared where those wires in the dash went to......Anyways, give me a call and lets see about getting out....Either to Creepy Lake in the Tubes or One of the Locals in the Champ!......Later, Dan
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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