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Dan or Miguel?

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Hey you guys out there? Anyone been fishing?
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Hey guys!

I have to work 3pm-midnite this whole month, so it looks like I can do the early morning thing. Wouldnt mind trying Creepy on saturday.....Migule I dont think I have your number though. Dan, I'll give you a call this week. "Got my tightliner on!"
golf course

and the best part is, that course with the good pond AKA 'Old Reliable' has 2 more ponds I just discovered. hmmm...I bet there are fish in there too! Only one way to find out though.......
Oops, 1 more thing

I think Franklin and I are ready for a trip to Creepy on Saturday, you guys wanna go?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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