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The fishing is much better in the midwest. It is a diiferent kind of fishing alot of slop, current, and wing dam fishing. You can expect in a tourney to have to get 18 lbs to cash a check and 20 plus to win. You will have to cull 2to 5 limits to get this total. you can win with brown fish but it is usually won with green fish. I have won with five smallies a few times but this is in the fall when there schooled on down current points waiting for shad. Sometimes in mid to late fall the green and brown fish will join up on down current points or flats with current blowing across them.It can be very exciting fishing with one angler throwing rattle traps and the other buzz baits.When you burn the school you can change to Carolina rigged lizards and the other angler can throw a tube or a reaper and catch 5 -10 more. Spring fishing is very similar to the fall,with just a slight change in pattern. Summer patterns vary quite a bit from sweeping wing dams to fishing the slots in wing dams to slop fishing,which is my personal favorite, and fishing the primary and secondary weed lines.
This state is the toughest state I have ever fished in and I have fished almost all of them that have bass in them.I have applied a few of these styles to this state and have had some success but I had to rely on the wind to make the current and it really is only a surface current. All of my favorite styles of fishing I have used on the Ca. delta. The delta is by far the best place I have ever fished. the good slop is a little hard to find but once you find it is a gold mine for a part of the day til the tide changes then I found that you just move out to the secondary weed line closest to where you had your fish going . Down current points are identical as in I would be driving the boat searching for fish and would see something that looked like a good spot in the midwest and bingo there would be good fish there. I have yet to find a good pattern for brown fish on the delta,seems kinda strange to me. I know there there I just for some reason can't locate them in any numbers. I did find a petrified mud line in about 12 foot of water (tide out) that held a few smallies but no big numbers I think this will be a great stagging spot for smallies and large mouth this spring. I'm sure this state hold some large number days of big fish I just haven't figured it out yet. I have hooked up with Brad Hartman and will be fishing the all star circut (I think) so I'll learn quite a bit watching other anglers do there thing. Spooning is unheard of in the east and mid west so I have alot to learn
Hope this answered your questions,
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