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Delw. I got my first lesson on how a ******* fishes.

#1 You have to have a 4 wheeler (ATV)
#2 You have to have a Zebco 33 on the cheapest rod you can find
#3 You ride your ATV down the street (never mind the law) to a Pond
#4 You ride your ATV into the water not to far just enough that all wheels are in the pond
#5 Then you stand on the seat to fish

I went with a friend to a pond and I fished from the bank when I saw him doing this i new it had to be a ******* THING. LOL
So i asked him if i got a ATV and fished like that if that would make me a ******* he said only about a 1/4 *******

Darn I so wanted to fit in

LOL Jig..

Hey thats how I used to fish and duck hunt the verde river...
I had a 69 bronco with 40" tires and a 12 inch left. I'd drive right in the middle of the river and throw out decoys and fish and duck hunt its was ablast

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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