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Thats some funny shit, reason I say that is the bear isnt that size and the dead guy wasnt killed by that bear.
The bear was killed by a guys friend on and its no where near that size.
The guy who is dead was found in canada last year(if I remeber correctly) the bear was shot in 2001 .

The bear that was shot never killed anyone either

heres a quote from the guy who is a friend of the guy who shot it
he s a member on hunttalk and goes by the name
Member # 392

That bear was not 12'6" and 1600lbs. it was around 10ft approximately 1200lbs and had a skull of 29". Thats my sheep hunting partner. he e-mailed me when they got home. This whole story is worse than a soap opera. The bear gets bigger every time I hear it. The bear wasnt tracking them. they shot the bear before it even seen them. The first shot was the killing shot. it went in just above and to the right of the snout and the bullet lodged in the brain. Then it got pissed but before they could fire again it just dropped dead. They still shot it a few more times to make sure. The gun used was a 338winny. I'm not sure what bullet but I can find out if anybody is interested. It was shot at about 10yards.
Yes his name was Ted, the other guy with him was Jim. Jim was using a 300winny. The reason it was shot in the head was because the bear was casually walking towards them. Ted was waiting for a good shoulder shot but it didnt present itself so he aimed for the eyeball and shot.
I guess that when the bear was hit it stood up and opened his mouth as if to growl but didnt make any noise. I guess when you get shot in the mouth with a 338 you cant make to much noise
The he said that it was like someone pulled his legs out from under him and the bear just dropped dead.
The pucker factor was definitly up because they knew that if it was a bad shot they would be screwed.
I got an e-mail out to Jim to see what his exact measurments were and what bullet was used
A good friend of mine told me he got an email from his brother in montana and his brothers friend shot it in montana pleading self defence ... Boy was my friend embarressed

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