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Dillons Tournament @ Lake Pleasant

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to follow up and make sure everyone knows about the Dillon's first annual bass fishing tournament at Lake Pleasant, Scorpion Bay Marina, this saturday September 19. Takeoff and weigh-on will be at Scorpion bay marina. You can launch anywhere you want, but sign-ins and boat check will be at Scorpion Bay Marina prior to take-off.

Rules will be the same as The Hook Up Tounrnament rules. Largemouth and Small mouth only, no live bait, no minimum length, 5 fish limit. You must go through boat check, you must weighin on time, and no whining. Payback is 80% to the anglers, 20% to the charity. We're paying 1 in 5 places.

This is a fun event that Dillon's is putting on let you guys know they're there and open and ready to feed you guys whenever you're at the lake. Fishing is great, so come out and have some fun, and meet the guys over at Dillons!

If you guys have any quesitons, give us a call!

Ben Koller
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See you out there guys! Should be a fun event!

Hey Ben, are you going to be in that polka dot bikini and crocs weighing us in?
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