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There's always a "gem in the rough" you never know. These are good oppertunities for mech's that know what they're doing. = NOT me!
sorry dude there is never a Gem in the rough on a 1979 boat especially since he said motor over heated.

Trust me I have had a few ;) gems in the rough so to speak and they are always a ton of money more., if that motor was garbage you would have to buy a new motor so your looking at 3-4k EASY for something used. would you stick that much into a 1979 boat? or would you take that 3-4 k add the 1 k and buy something a few decades newer?

I got my gambler for 500 bucks, with out a new motor using my old one I am easy 2-3 k and I have everything and thats all uses stuff, doing it right with a used motor 4-8k doing it right with a new motor 14k easy.

sure I can put the gambler together and be floatable or running for 2k tops if I was really into mickey mousing things together I bet for 500 bucks it would be up and running,

thats the problem with buying old shit you always want to make it perfect and your usually spend a ton more money on it than you really wanted to.


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1 - 7 of 7 Posts