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We went up dove hunting 9-7-03 morning. My dad and I went up to wickenburg, and we met a guy from azod up in wickenburg he showed us a spot and we got up there and we waited but they werent flyin for awhile. We got to the spot about 6:45-7:00 then it was 8:30 by that time we had only 1 bird (by azod guy) and 3 shots total. :( then we moved and when we got to other spot decided to go back where we first were and when we got there they were flyin pretty good. 2-8 birds then it stopped for about 5-10 min. My dad went to shoot 1 and he clicked it on safety and flinched. :lol: then finnaly figured out that it was on fire.i got one and we waited till about 10:30 then azod dude got his limit my dad had 7 and I had 2. I tried to get few more but i didnt. We left at 11:30. I had fun (my first dove hunt) and we met that guy it was a cool trip :mrgreen: My dad will take me up this afternoon
try to bag me some more.

dove slayer: JustinC
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