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You made it back in one piece I see. Did ya have a good time?


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Yes, WONBASS has quite the sponsors. If nothing else I did obtain a new arsenal of tackle for my next Open. Plus, I have many details and patterns and info and gossip to keep me busy for my next attempt. I do not want to give a bunch of excuses as to why I sucked...suffice to say I had a few bad luck things going. Bad luck is not even an excuse. I should have had patterns for my patterns' patterns. I will do better next year. I had a blast and learned tons and all that got hurt was my ego a little bit. Everyone needs a little comeuppance occasionally and I just received mine. Del, thanks for the advice on my boat and the encouragement. Maybe next year you can go and we can figure that lake out. It really wasn't that difficult, I will spill more of my guts later...later...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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