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Driving to El Salto?

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Made a trip to El-Salto last summer via plane flying into Mazatlan and was really amazing. Also, found a decent priced guide-service and hotel to stay other than the $500/person/day listed on internet. Would like to know if anyone has ever driven with boats and/or interested in planning a trip this spring?
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what kind of fishing are you talking here?
Yeah Miguel(multiplemigs)...if you need someone to ride shotgun with you to Mexico this coming year, Im in!

Im on it, and hopfully my Spanish will be up to par when we go, Im working on it now. Really, Im just going for the food!

No, not really, but the food is good!
Bill, I dont think it was Dan W he mentioned, it's a different Dan he was referring to...Dan R. (he posts as rackman)
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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