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ducks at alamo lake

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hey guys i duck hunt and a buddie told me that alamo is good for ducks on the north end of the lake now who can tell me some good info and i seen on fish and game web site one place said you cant hunt the bill willams rive area is that true or does that mean the lake are need help:shock:
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We duck hunted Alamo out of a boat years ago but I don't know what the rules are now.
we used to hunt ducks on alamo lake all the time occasionally we would nail a goose too.

bill williams closure is SOUTH West of the lake ie below the dam.

Fishless can fill you in on all the details.


Last year when I fished there in October, we kept hearing this Boom-Boom as we were working our way up-river. Came up on a guy in a jon boat blasting them ducks. So it is still happening.
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