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Earth Quake...

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Anyone else feel that? I'm at McDowell and Central on the 8th floor and had the blinds hitting the windows, monitors shaking and everyone in my room got light headed and dizzy.
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6.9 sea of cortez off the west side of isla tiburon.....just reported
I wonder if we felt the 2nd one just now because it happened again about 2-3 minutes ago. Blinds were tapping the windows and I got dizzy. lol This is nuts.
Didn't feel it but the lights and the geese were swaying in the store earlier.
Kind of freaky.:shock:
it was just reported as a 5.2 followed up 20 minutes later by a 6.9......that's pretty far away....can you spell "tsunami"...heads up Kino Bay and Loreto
The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration is saying there isn't a Tsunami warning at this time... That's good news at least.

They're keeping it decently updated on AZcentral right now.
UGH....more seismic control for us construction guys!
HAHA thats what that was, I was cutting some big ass very thin parts and the machine started chattering like a mother ****er and screwed my finish all up. then quit and I been trying to figure out what happened ever since.

That was crazy the pool started rolling with waves but no wind
Man that was nuts, my dog started licking his butt from the left side, he NEVER does that so it must have been the earth moving.:icon_attnwhore:
HAHA and i was in California yesterday for a review....The one time i leave and go to earthquake central it happens here....Thats wierd!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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