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El Novillo

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Leaving for Novillo today. See you all in about a week .
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Good luck!!! You have bigger balls then I to go to Mexico right now.There is some bad stuff going on right now.
do it man you will be ok just put on a bullet proof vest just kidding man the weather has been great in hermosillo that always helps good luck
PLEASE give is a report. I like that lake and have just about finished my tunnel that I dug from SC to Novy, and need to test it.
good luck!!!

Stick a DD

HOT!!!!!! Was [108] all week. Fishing was tough. Big fish was 5.8. Morning bite ended about 7:00 after that alot of 1,2 pounders. Water Temp. 84-89. Going back down end of Oct. Hope its cooler .
Oh its always cool down in me he co!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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