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equally bumbed

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I thought this was going to be my lucky day;Spidy was most gracious and let me use his boat and baxter,the sky was clear,the temp. was comfortable.I had visions of toads racing through my head,it was by all accounts, going to be a perfect day;but NOOOO that would be asking to much. Not a bite all day and I pulled out all he stops. I started out on the main lake,working spoons ,drop shots,spinners,swim baits & carolina rigs; I even tried trolling deep cranks. I also worked the meadows,bagley,misquete flats and the north east shore accross from bagley. Baxter and I hit the water at 7:00 am and fished untill 1:30 pm, I talked to four others and there luck was as good, between all of us only one in the boat.I hope that didn't ruin it for you Howard, lol.
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It's DA's fault - he caught all of the fish the other day... :wink:
Sorry, Toad (chuckle). And I was feeling sorry for Spidey. I'm gonna sneak out this morning before I have to go eat my aunt's cooking. I'll try to catch the fish you missed. It'll be a quick trip, but it's a lake opportunity! Where'd this wind come from?? It takes a good wind to rock my wind chimes but they're already going off and it's only 4:00AM.
I hope to be out there again tomorrow. Hopefully the 3 of you can make it.
Toad (chuckle) I'm glad you expressed your pain in this post. I, too, was blanked at Canyon yesterday morning 06:45-09:30. After reading Joe O.'s report from the other day I began frothing at the mouth to score on some Canyon smallies. Not in the works yesterday. I'm really feeling the hurt right now. I did manage a couple of small yellows - yippeeee!
Well, I fished for about 3 hours this morning. It was too windy to want to throw many baits, so I stuck with spoons. I spooned up about a dozen yellows and lost what I think was a LM. It sure wasn't a yellow and didn't pull and roll like a cat. I fished from 30-45 feet and just about every one of em were between 36-38 feet. It was VERY windy. I hope the wind lays down by tomorrow.
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