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Extended Flipping Deck - Where to get em?

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Does anyone know if they make an aftermarket extended flipping deck kit? or are they available anywhere? Or do I just have a fiberglass guy do it? By the way it would be for a 1999 Champion 186. Thanks, Dan
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I built on in my last boat and know several others who have built them for there boats. Not sure if anyone makes a kit for that....
I bought one for my Ranger (the same boat that is in the For Sale forum right now) directly from Ranger a few months after I bought the boat. Have you checked with Champion directly? How about a Champion dealer?
They are easy to make, however try tempe marine they might have one .

also try and

if that dont work then build one.

use 3/4" plywood 5/8's at a bare min.


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My fishing partner went to cliffs welding in Mesa. One of the guys (Scott) that works there fishes the aluminum circuit. They did a great job and were reasonable too!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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