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Heres a question for ya.
The woods canyon lake topic reminded me of this

That one Cove in canyon lake where you are not allowed motors.(forget the name)

Are you allowed to fish back there on a boat if you have a push pole or an oar? and not use your electric motor? Or can you use your electric motor?

in a club meeting this was brought up figured heck now would be a good time to ask and get the facts.


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You can have a float tube in there, they are not considered a boat. if the one at canyon reads like the one at Bartlett it says " no motorized boats beyond this point" the reason they do that is because it is a swimming area. at Bartlett you can have a canoe, row boat floatie or sailboat. it just cannot have a motor of any type on it.

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Yuck!!!!!!!! what a waste of a fishermans time being in BoulderCreek
I would not tube and try to fish it because the right side is to shallow and rocky and the left side is to full of kids jumping off of 5150 and yes even at night the kids are cliff jumping. Beware tubers you will still see boats come in to the bridge flip off the lights and fish the left side. M.C.S.O leaves the lake by 7:45 and they still wouldnot be able to ENFORCE the law it is not a STATE LAW the one closing Bouldercreek is a FEDREAL LAW . I have been told they will fish in the creek and let the coppers come and try to write them a ticket. If you have a motor on your boat then it CANNOT CROSS UNDER THE BRIDGE ! That is the biggest joke of a law it is like asking if jet skiers O.U.I . YESSSSS all the time . The only diff. is that the boats come under after it gets dark and what is truly funny they turn the lights off so now they are breaking another law for which they CAN be given a
TICKET!!!! Just beware tubers lots of snakes cross the cove and for a goldmine work the middle of the cove ( creekbed ) and follow it all the way up till it ends.
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