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Fish on....Damn Killer Whale

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These whales know how to grab an easy meal.
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Huddleston might need to come out with a new 30inch swimbait.:eek:
How cool woulldthat be to see that up close like that.
we're gonna need a bigger boat........
im waitin for the hippy **** with the anti chineese whaling ship to show up and throw stink bombs at them for f'in with the whales. cool video.
How cool woulldthat be to see that up close like that.
The whales knew exactly why all those boats were in that area, the dinner bell was on and the picking were a lot easier. I really like the final shots where the whales swam next to the boat as if to say Thanks I needed that.

Gottta make a trip up North and see some of this wildlife.
That was cool. Thanks for posting
HEre is an orca catching a boat in San Carlos, Mexico. Just an 8 hour drive south :)

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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