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Fishin sag

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Any one fishin sag this weekend ? My bro & I are going fri & sat morning. Maybe we'll see you on the water :D I got boat pics off the site so I know who some of ya'll are. Good luck to ya
Joe C
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Well now that you got me thinking about it. I was going to lay tile in the house this weekend, but I could pay a friend of a friend a few hundred bucks to do it for me and I could go fishing instead??? Then when I got back and the wife found out, she would either be pleased with the results, or ticked that I went fishing AND paid someone to lay the tile. In which case she could either shoot me or kick me out of the house. Either way, my troubles would be gone... Man, I wish you would have brought this up years ago!

...sorry. Ever hear of that song, Momentary Laps of Reason? I'm stuck in a constant laps of reason...

I'd like to go, maybe I can swing it. :idea: ...and just maybe the other things would work out too.
I plan on going out after my sons soccer game Saturday from 11:00AM until dark. My son and I will also be out again early on Sunday either Canyon or Saguaro all day early. Hope to finally meet you out there Joe!
I am not haveing any luck finding a partner to goto havasu this weekend, so I might head to sag sat. and prefish for roostertales the following sat.

I am hoping to get a few tens for my wall :roll:

Is this the same Roostertales that was around about 10 years ago? Floyd Preas and Brian Reese were fishing it at about that time also. I fished it for about a year if its the same one.
Holy Carp! DELW is going to fish Sag? Is the end of the world coming? :wink:
I'll be there Friday and Saturday. My boat pic is posted on this site. Come over and introduce yourself if you see us. Don't worry about the 4 or 5 shotguns propped up in the boat. We're not territorial. It's duck season. :shock:
Yes Tadmo the same one the club has been around for ever.

Jason miricles will never cease eh?

I am only going if I dont goto havasu, seems no one wants to make the drive. I was hoping to talk dreamer into but he didnt answer me yet.

Del, maybe dreamer wont wanna go after he reads my last post...opps sorry....
I should be out early Sunday with any luck. Josh
If everything works out right, me and Flippinstick should be out there Friday morning..................

What kind of boat do you and FStick have?
Franklin and me will be in my 21 foot Blue/Silver Stratos with a 225 Johnson.
I cant get there until fri afternoon. We'll be back sat morning :D

Joe C
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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