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fishing at the London Bridge

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went to the London Bridge, to do some fishing. And of course all them damn girls and their bikinis, it's sickening when you're trying to fish, and there is a hot chick on a party barge with a tramp stamp that reads back door birth-control:eek:, come on let's get real who would want to do a very hot beautiful girl in the back door when you can be fishing. So I started throwing rocks and live bait at them and made them put their clothes back on. well after I chased off all the single horny girls and made them cover up their tattoos so they wouldn't scare the bass away,we got back to fishing. Fishing was pretty good we were catching a lot and of bass and carp then the damn old park ranger, told me we were in a no fishing area. Now I know why them damn old girls were looking at me, the same way I was looking at them Like get out of here you don't belong. Boy guys did I feel stupid making them attractive hot girls put their clothes back on. I guess I should have read the signs first or I started casting water dog at the jet ski. the next time you go fishing before you chase off any girls read all the signs.:mad:
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At times like that, forget about the bass. Throw on some corn or whatever you can soak in the water, kick back, enjoy the scenery. Try to get some of those breasts out.
Uhhhhh Yea ok, wtf ......... Never heard of the three B's BEER, BASS, and BABES, and I can do all three at the same time.
I thought the three B's stood for bowling bait and bass
I thought the three B's stood for bowling bait and bass
Not in my book. LOL
So they've posted part of the canal off limits now?
So they've posted part of the canal off limits now?
I'm guessing he is talking about fishing from the bridge. I don't think they would make it off limits to fishing from a boat?
Must be gay... Who would make hot horny single girls that are naked go away?
Someone who is really into fishing?:gheyfight:
sooo, you dont like women? i think this is the wrong site for you my friend
Randy lets me fish the swim area... I wonder if Paul will too... LOL

Dreamer, where u at?
You got me dude. What?
and no pictures!!!!!! man whats wrong with you?


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