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In the AZ paper about 2 weeks ago there was a sidebar not stating that the cost of it was $9.00 for the REST OF 2003.
It has to be a misprint becuase I am looking at the paper now.

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Hi to all! Trying to get back in the swim(bait) of things so I thought I'd check this site before going to work. Toward the end of each year, AGFD sells its CURRENT YEAR licenses at reduced rates. This is intended to generate sales (especially among snowbirds) for a brief period (roughly Nov-Dec) for which they are considered unlikely to be willing to pay the "full year" rate. Just a wee bit earlier (ca. Sep), we also begin selling our NEXT YEAR licenses, because folks who are putting in for the Spring Draw (javelina, bear, turkey) need that license number for their permit applications. The overlap between selling CURRENT and NEXT YEAR licenses sometimes causes a little confusion (which is lamentable; apologies for any inconvenience), but the overlap is necesary for us to serve both sets of customers.

My own method of coping with this is (a) to buy my entire family's combo licenses and two-pole stamps in Sep, when my boys and I apply for javelina permits, and (b) but not to give my boys or my wife or my son's wife their licenses until Christmas as stocking stuffers.

If I have muddied the waters, please let me know what questions remain. I hope to check the site (and again tonight, but no later than tomorrow night. The new-house move-in is beginning to slow dowwn, AT LAST! More time is on the way for fishing and chatting!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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