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ive got cox basic cable. are there any fishing shown on during the week? if im stuck in the office i turn on the tv to kill the silence. id rather have fishing shows on.
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versus channel 69 mixture of fishing and hunting shows

occasionally johnny johnson on chnl. 34
strange, i dont get channel 69
I dont get channel 69 and I have basic cox as well. I do see on the guide it comes up but I dont get it.
i may have it because i have basic digital. (versus) not really sure though.

believe it has to run thru their box there plumber dude.Hows business?Kinda slow the last couple of weeks for me.
yeah slow for me too. still staying around but slow, for the last 8 months really. what do you mean it has to run throgh their box. i have a box tied into my tv but also into my computer for internet.
i just looked at my bill it says i have expanded service. whatever that means. old lady takes care of all the bill paying of utilities.
There is a new HD box that COX has. You take your old box and and exchange it for the new model. Not sure what the monthly cost is (wife pays the bills) but with this new box you can get 69 or the HD version 769. Without the box you will not get the Versus channel with the fishing and hunting shows.
69 is in a teir that you pay Extra for. Their running alot of hunting right now anyway.
oh, well so far 34 is working for me. hunting show on now.....
fishing with johnny johnsons on 34 now
I've found versus on channel 70 when I work up in Wickenberg.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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