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Fishing with a guide

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Jo Ann and I had our guide trip yesterday, and we had a blast. Neither of us have ever fished with a guide before. Or fished Lake Norman. Or fished for spotted bass. She bought me the trip for our one year anniversary, and I could have taken whoever I wanted, and I chose her. Our guide was cool as hell, he taught her how to use a freakin baitcaster! He had me hurling a Spro BBZ Shad, a bait I own but thought was a gimmick bait. Um, no. I had three big spots SMOKE it but I landed none. I was a little too quick on the hookset and they were on crack. Jo Ann stuck some shakeyhead spots and I got my very first one, a solid 2 lb spot. I had to give him crap, he lipped it for me, and as he was taking the hook out, the fish flipped out of his hand and was gone. He was SO bummed, but it isnt a big deal...No pic. We played with schoolers all day, (lots of short strikes/fishon-fish off deals) and the big take home lesson for me was DO NOT be afraid to throw right on the bank, even in clear water. I watched him stick a solid 3 lb LM on the Spro in like 6" of water. The fish came out of nowhere. I learned a ton. I could go to Lake Norman tomorrow and start catching fish. The bite was pretty slow, we boated 10-11 fish, but he showed us all kinds of places, and he let me in on some info for the local lakes out here too. All in all, we had a blast and it was well worth the money. Spotted bass are nuts!
And to give you a hint on how rad my wife is, when we got in the car at the end of the day, she said "Baby, he was cool and I had a good time and all, but you are just as good a fisherman as he is..." Man I love that girl!
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That's cool! Your wife sure is nice to stroke your ego at the end of the day.
nah, I am really good. Probably one of the best. :CrackHead:
I glad to see that Jo Ann is into fishing. That was a great anniversary gift she gave you.Now you will need to get her a great anniversary gift.How about a new BASS BOAT after all couples that play together stay together.Anyway HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you guys.
Sounds like a awesome day! You got a keeper.
Thanks guys, she is awesome. I got her diamond earrings though!
If you wouldn't have taken her she would have kicked yo ass.:beatingdeadhorse:

Glad you two had fun...
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