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fools hollow

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went to fools hollow thurs afternoon and friday morning. thurs got 2 l.m. one nice one over 3 on a brush hog and the other on a frog. decent amount of bites but was windy and just kept missin them. on friday started it out with a nice walleye on a frog that went over 2lb.s (they hit frogs ultra aggressively). got another good bass on a chatter. my friend was throwing a matt lure sunfish when a huge pike came out and bit it almost in half(bye bye swimbait)right by the boat. saw some amazing and un real action with the pike.Do they have muskrats up there, or something similar? at first light friday we were down main lake in the grass when we saw at first what we thought was a beaver or otter, and next thing we see is a tremendous splash and it never surfaced again. then 20 min or so later we can see better and see this little guy just flyin across the surface when it got nailed like the last one. that pike came out of the water some and it was big. i have never fished for or seen a pike in person before that. wow they are aggressive. over all only 4 fish in the boat but they were decent fish and nice weather up there. had a great time
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wonder how you could make a muskrat top water bait?
never seen it with muskrats but have seen mother duck with small ducklings go by by one at a time with pike eating the little ones. Mormon used to have lots of ducks breeding up there and literally 0 survival for the little ducks but the pike grew to huge sizes up there.

thanks for the report on Fools
Back in Wis., muskrat baits are used a lot for pike and Musky in the shallows. Kinda like a mouse looking bait, a bit bigger and natural buck tail for the fur.
yeah it was pretty shallow in there ,about 4-6 ft. crazy action.
There are some big pike in Fools' Hollow. Not Ontario/Minnesota/Alaska big, but pretty big...
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