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Ithink there finally going to do my warranty work on my boat :shock: . The ? is they want me to take it to tracker marine to do it. Should I trust them with my boat?
What do you all think

Joe C

you should take some pics of the boat for just in case bumps but you probably should let them do the work. Give them a chance if they screw-up then there's court. Once in awhile things change, maybe they've changed? Good luck withh whatever you do and if they do it--Post about it :lol:

Joe, let me tell you what happened to a guy that I know. He
took his little aluminum boat to Action Marine. They tore his
motor down and then called him to let him know that the part that
was causing all of the problems was not covered. He informed them that he did not want them to fix it and that he would be right down to pick it up. Here's the kicker! When he got there,
his motor was in pieces in a box. They said that they would have to
charge him to put it back together or they would be willing to work a deal on a trade in. He took them up on it. The whole thing
sounds a little fishy to me. Don't let this kind of thing happen to you. Please let us know of the outcome. Good luck ! Oh yea, to answer your question. I would let them do the work. I don't think
they really need any more bad publicity...
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