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Found who Guest is maybe...

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Hey everyone, well after seeing how many posts there were, someone who I have fished with at my office has come forward and told me that "He has created quite an issue on AZBZ" Interestingly enough, Im the one who told him about the site, so I appologize to everybody for that :roll: I know there are at least 4 people who are on AZBZ frequently at my office, but he just seems to fit the "type" more closely. He didnt have much else to say except he wont be back on AZBZ, and im keeping the obscenities down on this one. Im not sure if this guy is our "Guest" or no, but he sure seems fishy to me. No pun intended. I just wanted to update everyone on what I heard this afternoon. If it still matters to some of you. I wont say any names just because I dont do that, so please dont ask. Im hopin we wont be hearing much more of him, and sayin as though he is being transferred out to the field soon, he wont be posting from my office anymore either im sure.
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Wow! Quite the melodrama at work JDBassman huh? Thanks for getting to the bottom of all this. How'd you figure they posted from your computer at work? And how did you figure out it wasn't the guy who told you he made the "Guest" post?

Ever play "Clue"?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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