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Eh it's not working I'll just paste it..

okay so i just got a call from a girl that was absolutely hysterical on the phone. screaming, crying, yelling (devil like) and scared the shit out of me. after five minutes of trying to calm this girl down and find out what happened she screams "im pregnant! arghhhaaaaaaaa! its yours i haven't slept with anyone else! im four months pregnant!" .... ****. at this point im sweating bullets and i still don't know who this chick is. i continue trying to calm her down and finally am able to tactfully ask "who are you?".... then she replies "**** you chris!!" and starts screaming again.... i start laughing and say "this isn't chris, this is garrett" she screams back "who the **** are you?!?" screams again then screams "oh my god" and then hangs up the phone.

poor chris
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