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Does anyone know what won this tournament.

Little Red Schoolhouse report
It was a pretty windy day (what else is new?) but it could have been worse! Curt Rambo and his partner Jim took first place with a ten fish limit weighing 9.63 pounds. Curt told me they caught 32 crappie fishing Little Fishies verticle jigging in 30 feet of water in the middle areas of the lake. Johnny Ketchem, the Tonto Basin School superintendent, and I finished second with 7 crappie that weighed 7.90 pounds, We also had big crappie at 1.98, caught 20 minutes before weigh-in. We also caught 18 largemouth and 2 bluegills and I figure our best five bass weighed 8 1/2 pounds which is a scouch more than won the bass division. We were trolling BBC and JD, tipped with minnows on the Salt end, much of the time with Fish Hawk and Larry and Dieppert and his Mrs. Billy Gene Spears and his partner Tom finished third with four crappie (caught in ten minutes time) for a little over 5 pounds. All prize money in both divisions was donated back to the Little Red Schoolhouse. The whole deal was well run and the BBQ was great. See you'all Saturday. Did Steve Hirsch get hooked up? ..........Art
Art Chamberlin/ C & C by Kempton's R
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