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Nice Boat!

Gambler would definitely be one of my top 3 picks for a boat. I hope you enjoy it! In regards to your earlier post in search of a fishing partner there are a couple of things to consider. Western fishing is heavily dominated by team circuts, there are more draw circuts emerging but the team circuts are still dominant, hence, most people already have partners. You are correct in Show Low being a trout/walleye town, you live at 6500-7000ft, they are the predominant game fish by far. There are some decent bass lakes, but for tournament fishing you need to head down the hill. 99% of tournaments are held within a 1.5hrs drive from Phoenix. I am sure you are an accomplished angler, and I don't want to diminish that fact, but fishing out here is a lot different than fishing in the mid-west, and vice-a-versa. I'd probably get spanked if I fished a lake that was shallow and had a lot of vegatation, not to generalize though. In some of these lakes you had better be able to fish 30-50ft deep,( I know your theory Delw! LOL!) You best bet is to either go as a co-angler in a circut or join a club for a little while too at least learn some of the lakes. That is just my suggestion and I wish you the best of luck! Feel free to email me I'll tell you what I know. [email protected]
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