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Gas Line on Merc Optimax

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Does or has anyone know of any problems with the gas line coming apart on the Merc Opitmax engines? A friend of mine who has a Merc Opti 200 had his come apart and berfore he knew it the damage was $900 with a burnt high pressure pump. I have not had any problems and I have a 06 Opti has anyone else?
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Mac were did it come apart at the connection? or was the a bend in the hose?

any fuel line comeing apart doesnt sounds right if its secure and not kinked. there is really not enough pressure to blow apart a gas line either.

One thing that does happen from time to time is someone working on there own motor has a tendacy to use Cheap zipties, fuel line zipties are special as they have a rounded edge to secure the whole line. the cheap ones dont and they are brittle and crack in the heat.



I don't know the specifics just that it happened and to keep an eye out on mine. Sorry.
The problem has to do with the interior of the fuel line and it is not limited to Mercury engines. The line from the fuel tank to the engine is not designed to carry high ethanol or high octane fuel. You run those types of fuel or fuel additives and when the temperatures get consistently over 100, the interior of the line breaks down and goes through the fuel system. We've also seen several problems with fuel tank pick-up tubes exhibiting the same symptoms. We just had three boats in the shop this week for this very issue. The fuel filter catches most of it, but some finds it's way through to the VST and beyond.
I thought they upgraded all the fuel line hoses for high ethonol a few years ago?
Unless they are buying there fuel lines from china the I could expect that problem .

The hard plastic that they used to use in fuel tanks ethonal screwed them up pretty bad made them brittle and when the tank was low on fuel heavy vibration would bust them

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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