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Oh this one really sucks.

As most of you know I am a night person, so I dont goto bed till about 1-3am.

the first 3-5 day tournys of the season are the hardest to wake up on.. I mean crap you goto be up at 3:30 am and be ready to fly out the door no later than 4am.

kurt and I were suppose to fish Montery champ today.
yesterday he thought it was a night tourny, once we figured out what tourny we were going to fish (the nightone waterdog willy's team, or the day one monetery) it was 9pm.
So by the time I poured some baits got everything ready to go it was 12 midnight. no problem I dont need that much sleep.
off to bed couldnt sleep, porobally because I was trying to hard to sleep. I tossed and turned till 2:30 am. I was thinking I should probally stay up. but hey I will get up I have 2 loud alarms :wink:

Alarms go off right on time(like they are suppose to) I just fell back asleep woke up at 4:10 called Mr. Bass yup he was still dreaming Some funny shit was said. I would repeat it but he would kill me. :oops:
Anyway by the time he woke up on the phone we would have been late(we would have been cutting it close anyway) so we decided to fish the waterdog one tonight.


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I am a night person as well, however I dont have a hard time waking up in the A.M. to go fishing or hunting. For any other occassion I will stay asleep. As for the alarms go I turn one off when I wake up, but for some reason the loud alarm starts going off again when I get home. :wink: :lol: ... No honey I am not talking about you. :shock: :lol:
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