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Lake Pleasant

This is a good Tourny Guys. If you have kids that fish or dont have kids and would like to take one out fishing this is the one.
These guys make kids feel like pro's for the day. If I didnt have my own kids to take I would be taking others and or volunteering my boat and time.
This is actually a tourny where you let the kids fish , you get to relax and drive the kids around help them cast, hook up baits etc. In all honesty its a blast to watch them fish by themselve's.

Its very well ran.
Its set up for kids only.
They have a drive through weigh-in
Its just like a real tourny that us adults fish but is set-up for kids.
Kids are the future of BassFishing, they like to fish like thier Dads do in real Tourny's
Instead of money they get great prize's and they get some excellent ones.

If you can volunteer, call Rich Stringer at 623-680-0299
I believe BoatCop has alot to do with this tourny as well.( I think thats BoatCop in the background of the pic)

Heres a pic from last years and the look on this kids face tells it all. (yes that my son and daughter but I couldnt find the other pics I saved on a cd. MY son caught these fish with NO help from me, and he beat my daughter :wink: )


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